News|July 20, 2011 12:34 pm

Bhatt Might get Sued by Pinki Gaur

Mr. Mahesh Bhatt and his Vishehs Films might get sued by a model and actor Pinki Gaur for using her photo in Bhatt’s film without her permission,

Bhatt’s film Murder 2 has a scene where an agent is talking about supplying prostitutes and showing pitchures of few girls, and one of them is Pinki’s photo,

Now according to Pinky the producer has not taken her permission for using in the film, this might prove as a dampener to her career, that is why she has planned to send a notice to Bhatt, and if that didnt work, she will file FIR,

When asked to Mahesh Bhatt, he is least bothered about it because the job of getting photos for the scene was given to a trainee, still Bhatt said that if Pinki wants to go legal way, its her choice, it will just cause her hardship, otherwise if she wants Vishesh Films to appologise for whatever has happen, Bhatt is ready to do so.

Pinki Gaur is working for the TV Shows like Dil Dosti Dance and has worked in other TV Show Karam Apna Apna.