News|October 6, 2009 11:55 pm

Bebo wants to be glam-less!


When you think of Kareena Kapoor, the first word that pops into your head is glam-doll. Whatever she touches becomes glamorous, and she need not be bothered about it, right, as it is working in her favour only, right , guys? However, what she is doing these days, is, attending acting workshops. Why, bebo, why? Maybe it has got to do something with her forthcoming movie Stepmom in which she is going to share the frame with one of the most natural actors hindi fillum industry has ever produced, who else, but the dusky 90s queen, Kajol.

Kareena was heard saying, “The last time I rehearsed for a part was some years back, for Vishal Bharadwaj’s ‘Omkara’. But that was a rather unconventional flick and character where I had to get into the skin and character I knew nothing about. But ‘Stepmom’ is rather urban and modern too. I play a working girl-next-door.”

So as to buy time for attending these workshops, she has been stealing time from the song-rehearsals of 3 Idiots. She says she would walk, talk and dress like a common girl and would not be using make up as well. Wel, the toughest task at hand is what Manish Malhotra has, that of bringing down the glam image of Kareena. Earlier she was supposed to cut her hair for this movie, but due to continuity hassles, that will not quite be possible. But Bebo will be sporting a new hairdo for the movie.

Kareena has worked earlier with Kajol in Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham, but even this time around it will be a double treat to see these two beauties share the same screen!