News|June 2, 2010 1:04 am

Bebo, Kareena Refuses Madhur to Put on Weight

Now days, Kareena is giving priority to Madhur Bhandarkar’s next flick, Heroine, keeping all projects aside. In order to make her character, she is also putting lot of efforts by studying the films of several Bollywood greats, including her mother Babita, who Kareena feels, never got her due. She is religiously following Madhur Bhandarkar as he has given the works of Hollywood actresses for review.

Apparently, Bhandarkar wanted Kareena to put on weight to look more voluptuous like the typical Hindi film heroines back in the day. But Kareena disagrees,

“I don’t think I need to put on weight to look voluptuous. I’m already voluptuous.”

On her role part, Kareena says,

“I want to dedicate my performance to all the great actresses of Indian cinema. Not just mom, but everyone from Nargisji and Madhubalaji to my sister Karisma and Kajol, my two favourites. I have been subconsciously prepping for my role in Heroine from the time I was four.”

Though, Bebo is following each words of her director, but when it comes to her chick body, she will not listen to Madhur as well. Well, it’s a matter of her body!