News|October 17, 2009 9:27 am

Bebo inspires her latest flick


It is stale news that Kareena Kapoor and Salman Khan are starring together in the recently released Main Aur Mrs Khanna, however what should be noticed is the uncanny resemblance that the fillum bears with Bebo’s real-life.

Main Aur Mrs Khanna is about this married woman, happily married to Salman Khan, but issues arise once she falls in love with Sohail Khan. However, what needs to be noticed here is, that even in her real life, Kareena was, sort of, into such a situation. Whilst being in a steady relationship with Shahid Kapoor, she met Saif Ali Khan, and fell in love with him. But director Prem Soni emphasises, that this movie is not about extra-marital affair, but over coming conflicting feelings, it is also how two different individuals,who perbceive Mrs Khanna and her problems differently.