News|February 1, 2010 10:45 pm

Babes sizzling in Bikinis

Bollywood has come far in terms of accepting its lead actresses in revealing outfits. Now nothing seems too far fetched for reality, as gone are the days when the leading lady’s were accepted only when dressed from head to toe. It is now the day and age of bikinis and babes. Movie-goers adore them that way, and the producers and directors are way more than happy compelling in to this demand.

In recent times, the craze has really caught on, and so as to support this claim of ours, here is a list of movies which had sultry actresses showcasing their oomphy bodies-

DHOOM:2 – Dhoom 2 had a already a lot of reasons to look forward to, for example Aish and Hrithik’s fresh and awesome chemistry, but what added fuel to this fire was Bipasha in breathtaking bikinis, and even Aish in skimpy itsy-bitsy clothes.

DOSTANA – Thi movie albeit focussed on the chemistry between the male actor’s John and Abhishek’s naughty rapport, but Priyanka’s sexy gold Bikini definitely was something awaited in the movie. Who can forget the golden bikini worn by Piggy Chops in the flick.

BLUE – Though the movie failed to hit the jackpot, as it was set under water, it gave a lot of reasons to Lara Dutta for wearing nothing more than a bikini in the entire movie!

SHORTKUT –  Amrita Rao who has always acted shy and coy, joined the bikini babes club with this film. Till date SHORTKUT is more than remembered for Amrita’s sexy avatar, rather than anything else.

DIL BOLE HADIPPA – Rani Mukherjee who also stuck to demure roles until now, decided she had to do something drastic and thus was seen shedding few clothes alongwith some kilos too in her latest flick ” Dil Bole Hadippa ” , however it failed to set hearts on fire, sadly for Rani.