News|May 9, 2012 4:14 pm

B-Towns Biggest Collaboration ???

Which is your favorite movie Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam or Golmaal? Don’t worry if you can’t select one because both our favorite directors are joining hands for their next project.  Talking about the same Johar says,

“Everyone who has worked with him (Rohit Shetty) has a word of praise for him. And that’s so rare in the industry. I know they love and respect him, and for me it speaks for the kind of person he is. As a director, his track record speaks for itself.”

For Rohit Shetty it is kind of a big responsibility,

“People are saying it’s going to be one of the biggest collaborations ever. But for me it’s a film that I want to work hard for, I want to make a good and highly successful commercial film for Dharma. Not to prove anything or to anyone, but to pay tribute to a man who is not with us. A man the Hindi film industry respects and loves. This one is for Yash Johar,”

the director says.

Now the question remains with us is that who will be casted for the lead roles, Kjo’s Favorite SRK or Rohit’s Favorite Ajay Devgan?