News|April 5, 2012 10:26 am

B-town people don’t speak their mind: Sonam

Well, we all know that no one in the industry speaks their mind like the lovely Sonam kapoor does.

Whether it’s over a cuppa coffee on chats shows or while interacting with the ‘twitterati’. She shows her girl-power always. Recently, at an event, when asked about bringing about a revolution in Bollywood, Sonam said,

People in Bollywood don’t speak their mind.I wish they did. I believe in doing that.

When quizzed about which actresses should patch up, she said,

I think all of us are competitive, and it’s high time we all patch up and behave like one big, happy family.

Well, if Vidya has started the ‘Dirty’ revolution, the young Ms. Kapoor is here to do the clean up act.