News|September 7, 2012 11:38 am

Audiences connect well with his characters: Emraan Hashmi

Emraan Hashmi’s Bollywood journey began with Raaz (2002) when he started working as an assistant director in the film. And with Raaz 3 set to hit the theatres, the actor completes a decade of his Bolly career, during which time he has successfully consolidated Brand Emraan in an industry dominated by the Khans, Kapoors and Kumars.

While he didn’t want to become an actor at the onset, Emraan says he knew he’d give his best to whatever he did.

I’d have only myself to blame if I didn’t succeed. I knew I had to penetrate the minds of the audience and last a long time, by being a part of good cinema with my own unique style

says the actor.

His uncle Mahesh Bhatt says Raaz 3 will see him at his heroic best, to which Emraan says,

My character starts off as a spineless timid man who transforms during the course of the film and becomes a hero in his own way. He first refuses to take a stand against a woman, but then stands up for what he believes is right, even if it’s against her.

Emraan feels audiences connect well with his characters.

Lot of Bollywood heroes, for a long time, wanted to be like James Bond — cool, stylish, flashy. But I’d rather play the real guy, who has his fears and demons, complexes. That’s why I think audience feel for and relate to my characters.

Raaz 3, his first 3D film, brings back memories of childhood when he watched Chhota Chetan (1998). “Since then this technology has evolved in a big way. I believe 3D should be immersive like James Cameron’s Avatar, and engage the audience. If the 3D doesn’t involve the audience, it becomes gimmicky,” he says.

His association with Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt has always been successful. “Our success rate is more than 90 per cent,” he says. “I hope Raaz 3 will set a new benchmark for us. Going by the interactions with the people during promotional tours, I’m sure it will,” he concludes.
Raaz 3, presented by Fox Star Studios and produced by Vishesh Films, releases today.