News|June 1, 2011 8:50 pm

Asin said Salman Pampered her on the shoot of Ready

Asin has all praising words for Salman her co-star of the film Ready,

She said Salman is a ‘Guy With a Good Heart’,

Asin Said,

When I fell ill during the climax of Ready, it was Salman who ensured that I had food and medicine on time. And if I forgot, he would knowck on my door and see to it that I took it. You feel pampred and nicely taken care of,

He doesn’t have anything himself but he will pamper us with home cooked food and ice cream. And if I moan about calories, he will be ‘dont worry there’s hardly any calories in them.

She has denied When asked about the rumours that Salman gifted her Apartment, Jewellery and Pet Animal.