News|April 19, 2010 10:10 pm

Asin Rescued from Death Incident

Actress Asin was immediately hospitalized after a gas leak on the sets of her Tamil movie, Kaavalkaran in Karaikudi. Asin was in her make-up van when she was readying up for the shoot when a weird small wafted around and made suddenly uneasy on the sets.

Asin, her make-up man and hair dresser were in van and the trio ignored the smell, but when his make-up man fainted within five minutes and seconds later Asin also started feeling breathless, she had to be rushed to a hospital that was 20 kms from the location.

A gas pipe had been blocked open and a dead insect was the cause of the smell. All three of them were quickly taken to a hospital. Thankfully, all three are doing fine now.