News|April 15, 2010 11:07 pm

Ashutosh Finds his Actor via Internet

Internet is becoming source of pooling information for comman man, businesses, but also for Bollywood. As now, Ashutosh Gowariker, director of Jodha-Akbar and Lagaan, is now hunting his new actor via Internet. He has decided to launch a worldwide hunt to find an actor who can play Budha for his forthcoming film.

Moreover, Ashutosh has also decided to conduct an audition on the Internet to search for his central character. His forthcoming movie focuses on the life of Prince Siddhartha and his journey to enlightenment where he becomes the Buddha.

Ashutosh says, “I welcome actors from all over the world to visit our website, download the sample scenes and upload your audition videos along with pictures. To portray the innocence of Prince Siddhartha and the compassion of the ‘enlightened one’, I am looking for a fresh face. And hence, this worldwide search.”

As per sources, Ashutosh is once again making big budget film and first time using Internet as a source for conducting audition.