News|November 24, 2011 10:59 pm

Ashish Vidyarthi: It requires lot of confidence to make a film like DAM999

Ashish Vidyarthi’s first English film DAM999 according to him requires lot of confidence to make such film,

The talented actor Ashish Vidyarthi has worked in films of different languages and once again he is acting for the first time in an English film, DAM999 is releasing on 25th November 2011.

According to Ashish this is his second film, Ashish Said,

Actually DAM999 is my second English film. I did a film called NIGHTFALL, based on Isaac Asimov life, which was directed by an American director. However it was a short film. So you can say DAM999 as my first major English film.

Talking about DAM999 and the directro Sohan Roy, he said,

The concept of DAM999 is very interesting, which director Sohan Roy has written. The entire idea was to capture or encapsulate the nine rasas depicting different human emotions in the backdrop of dam disaster. The director has very beautifully woven the story. The script is excellent, very well researched. Sohan visited various film schools to make the script correct. This is not a small budget film but debutant director Sohan has done it without mounting the film very big. It requires lot of confidence to make such a film. I appreciate such sincere efforts, somebody striving to do something with good intent excites me, Film DAM999 can’t be expressed in words. One has to watch the film to experience it.

DAM99 is making huge waves before release, Its screenplay has entered Oscar library, he said,
The screenplay is simply fantastic. Sohan has really worked hard, made genuine efforts, so he is reaping all the fruits now. I am absolutely happy for him. As far as the controversy is concerned, I believe such things keep on occurring. But there shouldn’t be a stopping for what we want to do. Since we are a democratic country somebody will always be there to poke. Let the discussions and debates happen. They are all good; at least they make us aware of difference of views.

There’s a scene in the film where I hold a poisonous snake. When I read the script I took it quite lightly. Even my reactions were pretty normal. I was holding it (snake) so comfortably when the scene was being canned. More than getting scared I found that I was enjoying the whole thing.

Ashish was asked, what made the actor to work with relatively newcomer ? he said,

You never know which film will work when. And anyways I love to work with new people.

Ashish has always played grey shades of character in most of the films and is playing the same in DAM999 too, he said,
Yes I am playing Durai, the antagonist in the film, who is an embodiment of Bheebatsa Rasa. My character represents so many things. He does everything with a selfish motive without realizing what impact it could have ultimately.

Honestly I kind of sometimes feel upset. I keep searching for different aspects. I am tired of getting typecast. I am looking for work which I have not done before, some phenomenal roles. There is not dearth of work but there is dearth of kind of roles which entice me.