News|April 2, 2011 12:13 pm

Arundati Roy Inspires Vivek to make Buddha

Do you know who has inspired Vivek Agnihotri to make Buddha? Its author and social activist, Arundhati Roy who came under fire from political parties and a section of media for her sympathetic bend towards the Naxal cause, is now fodder for a character in Buddha In A Traffic Jam, directed by Vivek Agnihotri. The filmmaker who last made Goal (2007) says,

“Arundhati Roy has been called many things, including a terrorist. While some think she was only exercising her right to speech. My film indeed is about intellectual terrorism in which I will show how thinkers can manipulate people and lead the lives of people in these sensitive areas, and propagate is how they should live their lives. I have many characters inspired from real life. During my travels across India in recent times, I came across a lot of areas of turmoil. I have found a fantastic story to tell.”

Character, Binayak Sen is a Human Rights activist who is currently facing life term imprisonment for sedition. However, Vivek says that he is not talking sides in the movie.

“I’m totally unbiased in my film. I’m not praising anyone and I’m not demonising anyone. That’s not for a filmmaker to do. I’m only showing reality and leaving audiences to judge about the current state of socio-economic condition of the country and whether they are getting manipulated by thinkers who somehow have the power to shape up our country. I don’t know if censor will release my film but it will premiere in the top business schools of the world. It’s a film for the thinkers to know what’s really happening in India.”