News|May 26, 2010 10:53 pm

Arshad Warsi’s Director Debut, ‘Akkad’, Inspired by Guy Ritchie

After trying his hands into producing, now Arshad Warsi will try out directorship as well. The actor has decided to adopt a complex narrative style of British Filmmaker, Guy Ritchie for his directorial debut, ‘Akkad’.

Arshad is great admirer of Guy Ritchie, and he has been very much inspired by him. The actors says,

“I have closely followed Guy Ritchie films over the years. I guess they are genres in themselves. Whether it is Sherlock Holmes, Rock N Rolla, Snatch or Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels – this guy never fails to amaze me.”

“I am going to shoot ‘Akkad’ in way that Bollywood audience hasn’t witnessed yet. Yes, I know that there is a lot of difficulty involved in it but I am up for the challenge.”

Though the actor is aware about that Indian audience is not very used to complex narratives and moreover when it Guy Ritchie, he is known for his making a few flip-flops between multiple episodes. Not caring about Arshad, says,

“I am certainly aware about that. But My style would have a Guy Ritchie feel to it but the overall narrative would be far simpler. See, you can make a complicated film and pat your back as a director. However, for audience, the final result should be simpler. The audience should eventually understand what the film was all about.

“I want them to go back home, start discussing about the film and then manage to crack what it was all about. It is then that they would realise the work of director in making a complicated screenplay eventually look easy.”