News|March 15, 2012 2:35 pm

Arshad wants to step into serious roles

Best known as Circuit among his fans, Arshad Warsi is gearing up for some unique roles. The actor, who became famous with his comedy characters, says he now wants to try his hand at some serious scripts. One such role being that of a lawyer. Excited about this project, which he’s currently working on, Arshad talks about bringing about a change in his work and spoiling his kids:

Sincere efforts

As a kid, I used to watch courtroom drama and used to wonder, “Oh man! How do they do it? How do they remember so many lines?” Now that I am playing a lawyer in a film, I realise it’s not that difficult. But it’s not very easy either. Subhash is a taskmaster. He doesn’t okay a shot until he gets the perfect one. But it’s a beautiful script and the role is a serious one unlike most of my previous roles. People have seen me as a comic actor and it comes to me easily. So now they want to see me that way. But I would love to do more profound and serious acting as well. I need a break from comedy now.

In my kitty

There’s this film called Hay Rabba that I will soon start work on. And by the end of the year, we will start shooting for Dedh Ishqiya too, which is the sequel to Ishqiya that won me great praise. The third film in theMunnabhai series is slotted to go on floors next year. So you’re sure to see a lot of me. This time, my focus is on doing a lot of experimentation with different genres.

Innocent fun

I’m having a good time working on different things. The only thing that I miss out on is spending time with my kids. They are beautiful babies. You would think they must be snooty and overly pampered. But nothing like that. They are normal and extremely well behaved. So much so that the other day a few friends of mine had come over and they said that no one would believe these children had celebrities for parents. I would love to spoil them. But I hardly get to see them. Sometimes, I am out on work for a whole month. So, once in a while when I get to be with them, I go all crazy pampering them. But Maria steps in and controls when needed (smiles). She maintains the balance well and stops me where I must.