News|May 12, 2010 5:47 pm

Arshad Turns Director; Reveals His Casting Fundas

After the career of being an Actor, Arshad turned a Producer with his first debut production ‘Hum Tum Aur Ghost’,

Though it didnt do well on box office, Arshad has not lose the hopes, Arshad wants to now try his hand in Direction, Arshad will be Directing a movie named ‘Akkad’.

For now Arshad is busy with his next two movies, Golmaal 3 and Dhamaal 2, Arshad would surly want to give enough time to Akkad as its his debut directorial fillum, and for that he will complete first.

When asked about why fillums go flop and what is the reason his movies also didnt do well on the box office since his career started, Arshad said,

I believe the reason why we make so many bad films is because we do not concentrate on what is the most important part of a film which is, as you would have guessed it right, the script. Also, it is of paramount importance that we have right people roped in for the right roles

Out there in Hollywood, first a script is finalised and then an actor is decided. Yes, a big actor may eventually make his way into the film but that too happens only after due auditioning. You have to prove yourself because it’s all based on merit. On the other hand here in Bollywood, an actor like me may be suiting the role and could be almost finalised. But the moment a bigger actor shows some interest in doing the same film, the makers won’t take a second to make me vanish from the scene.

On casting the actors he said,

Of course yes, that’s the right way to make a film, This is going to be my criteria in the films that I am doing today and would be doing tomorrow. My funda would be simple – ‘Boss, you will be in the film only if you suit the role’. I know for sure that so many good scenes also go wrong if messed by due to poor understanding of an actor. I am not going to allow that for my film.