News|July 17, 2010 12:10 am

Army Rescues Action Replayy Team

The shooting of Vipul’s Action Replayy is on its final stage, and Aishwarya Rai and Akshay Kumar are in Manali for the final stage of shooting. When two big celebs are working together, producer can’t afford to single day, but nature is against producer’s desire. Two consecutive landslides happened on the day of shooting.

On the shoot day, two consecutive landslides left the crew stranded and the shooting had to be called off. Realizing the situation, the army helped the unit to escape from landslides. A soure says,

“As soon as the unit left for the location, which is near the Rohtang Pass; the production crew almost got caught in a landslide. They immediately alerted the rest of the unit and an alternative location was selected.

But as soon as they were heading back to the second location, another landslide left them trapped in between the two landslides. Vipul Shah then realised that it was a serious situation.

Finally army had to be called to evacuate them. The condition in Manali is in fact so bad that the unit cannot pre-plan anything.

“Because of the landslide, we have to track every day’s weather, assess the situation and only then plan the day. It’s when such things happen do you realise how small and helpless you are in front of Mother Nature’s wrath. But we are trying to work as best we can under the circumstances.”

Vipul Shah also confirmed the news, saying,

“For the last two days, the weather has been absolutely unreliable and unpredictable. We are really thankful to the authorities for helping us out.”