News|December 28, 2011 4:34 pm

Arjun Rampal’s holiday plans go for a toss

Arjun Rampal will have return from vacation, because of Sudhir Mishra’s strict shooting schedule, Arjun Rampal will miss the extended vacation in Dubai with his wife and children,

Sudhir Mishra is working on his next film about sexual dynamics in a corporate house, with Rampal, Arjun wanted the last week of the year off. But Sudhir refused to let him go,

Source says,

Sudhir is shooting the climax of the film. It’s the last four days of the shoot, from Monday to Thursday. Arjun who has been working round-the-clock over his television show wanted the last week off to spend time with his family. However, Sudhir was adamant on completing the film.

Arjun has decided to wrap up the shoot and join his family and frinds in Dubai, Arjun said,

Ideally I’d have liked to take a holiday with my wife and kids a little earlier. But we’re shooting the last four days of Sudhir’s film.

There’s no choice. These last two months have been killing for me. We completed one schedule of Heroine, then my TV show Luv To Hate You and Sudhir Mishra’s film.

The three couples, Hrithik-Sussane, Shah Rukh-Gauri and Arjun-Mehr will be holidaying in Dubai this new year,

Arjun said,

We are going to be there as a big group. But at the moment I can only think of finishing my work with Mishra.