News|March 16, 2011 9:23 pm

Arjun Rampal Following Salman’s Style

It seems that everybody in Bollywood is inspired by Salman Khan that’s why now, actor Arjun Rampal is now going to take new avatar and play a police officer in Tigmanshu Dhulia’s Jai Ramji.

The actor will play a real-life cop from Allahabad, who is the subject of his film Jai Ramji. Arjun Rampal, who will essay the character, is heading to Allahabad next month to meet the subject of the film.

Dhulia is adamant that Rampal take time to understand the real-life cop because he wants to break the stereotypical depiction of a small-time boorish cop with his khaki shirt open to his naval and his gun half out of his holster. As Dhulia explains,

Why must we always presume that small-town cops from North India are like Chulbul Pandey? I know so many civil servants in UP who are suave, worldly, wise, literate and erudite.

Arun’s character of the cop is as much into aesthetics and arts as he is into nabbing hardcore criminals. I want him to spend at least two weeks in preparation. I don’t want him to just wear khaki and behave like a filmi cop.”