News|September 7, 2010 11:13 pm

Are Rishi, Neetu & Ranbir Working in the Same Film?

What could be the best gift for audiences, if a Kapoor family comes in one film? Yes that’s true, Rishi Kapoor, Neetu Kapoor, and son Ranbir Kapoor all in one film. Many directors and producers have been trying to bring son and father together on the big screen. But Papa, Rishi wants his wife too on the screen along with them.

Last week, when Rishi Kapoor celebrated his birthday, people asked when about his coming with his son, Ranbir Kapoor, Papa answered,

“Why me and Ranbir together? It has to be Neetu as well.”

Well, after Love Aaj Kal, couple, Rishi will be again seen with Neetu in debutant director Habib Faizal’s Do Dooni Chal. When Rishi asked Habib to take Ranbir as the hero in his film, the filmmaker answered,

‘My protagonist is 54. Does Ranbir look that old to you?’ On second thought, I agreed to play the role.”

Rishi also convinced Neetu Singh to star with him was a tough task. Rishi says,

“My old colleague Juhi Chawla turned down the role because she didn’t want to play mother to a 15-year old boy. So, I told Neetu about the film.

She said, ‘Are you mad? I haven’t acted for thirty years. Just because I agreed to do one shot in Love Aaj Kal, tum peeche pad gaye.’ I reasoned with her and convinced her finally.”

Off-late gossip is that Ranbir, Rishi and Neetu will be seen together in the film in which they will direct as well as produce the produce the film. Ranbir has already cleared that he will act with his family only if his Mom, Neetu Singh will also be in film. Asking about this gossip, Rishi said,

“I am not doing any father-son film with Ranbir. They’ve been done to death. We’ve both been approached to work together. But either he rejects the script or I do.”

This time, Ranbir wants to produce and direct this film. Says Rishi,

“Since my father Raj Kapoor directed his father Prithviraj Kapoor and himself, Ranbir too wants to do the same.”

Hmmm, coming back to Ranbir, we wish the youngistan dude all the very best for his ambitious venture. Hope he will match with expectations of audiences.