News|August 3, 2011 12:15 am

Anubhav Sinha Speaks about Ra.One

As the days are coming close, the promotional activities and the actors of the film Ra.One are taking steps to reach the audience as much as they can, Anubhav after spending years and lot giving lot of effort to make such different film in Indian Cinema speaks about the film and the work he has done over it.

Anubhav said,

As is the known fact, deep inside every filmmaker knows how his product has eventually shaped up. There are seldom any surprises that he carries even though he may project an expression of disbelief on the success or failure of his film,

After working day in and night out for RA.ONE, I have come to realise what had happened after the success of DUS. It is as simple as that – I had got carried away by appreciating form more than content,” admits Anubhav, “All my concentration was on getting the technique right and in the process of doing that, I wasn’t concentrating as much on my story telling.

I kicked myself and started remembering the times when I had started off with a film like TUM BIN which was about relationships rather than style. I started missing the love that I had got for my story and not the way I placed my camera. I said to myself that ‘Hello, what are you up to? Where have your basics disappeared?’ Today if I am positive about RA.ONE that is because I know about the areas where I had failed earlier and how I have improved upon them.