News|May 21, 2010 11:59 pm

Anil Pampers His Sad Daughter, Sonam

Anil Kapoor does not often visit to her daughter Sonam Kapoor’s set as he don’t want to distract her. But this time, Anil broke his own made rule of not mixing not mixing his personal and professional life and flew down for four days to be with his daughter. Last week, Anil surprised her daughter by making a surprise visit on her sets of Thank You.

Apparently, in the movie, Thank You, Sonam is playing role of solitary  girl, so she decided to stayed aloof from other cast and crew members. When Anil heard about this, he was surprised but also concerned about her.  Director Anees Bazmee confirms the news and says,

“Yes, Anil did visit us in Vancouver and he really livened up the atmosphere. Normally Anil wouldn’t do such a thing. But we go back a long way.”

“She does play this very simple and shy girl who likes to keep to herself in the first half. In the second half, she comes into her own and blossoms into a successful tennis player. Anil’s presence definitely made a difference to Sonam’s mood, and also ours.”