News|June 23, 2010 11:26 pm

Anil Kapoor’s Younger Daughter Rhea Enters Bollywood

Sonam Kapoor, elder daughter of Anil Kapoor, has already made her entry to Bollywood, now its turn for her younger daughter, Rhea Kapoor to make her debut. Unlike her sister, 23-year-old Rhea Kapoor is entering into Bollywood not as an actress, but as a producer. Rhea Kapoor is already set with her first debutant film, Aisha starring her sister, Sonam Kapoor opposite to Abhay Deol.

At the age of 21, Rhea started working on the movie, Aisha, and already made her plans her next coming flicks. She says,

“My next two films will be completely different from Aisha, and are still in the developing stage. They are of the romantic comedy genre but they will make you smile.”

The youngest producer says about her experience,

“I just fell in love with production. I could never act like my father or sister. I cannot even give a proper photo shoot. I would have run away if I had to act. I totally enjoyed producing Aisha. I will handle the Anil Kapoor Film Company for at least the next two years.”

She recollects the thoughts on the move of her career,

“One evening, suddenly Ayan (Mukerji) asked me to assist him on Wake Up Sid. My dad gave me the go ahead signal. I also got Aisha around that time. I just agreed without thinking of anything else when my dad asked me if I wanted to work on it.”

“I never thought that he would go off to shoot in the US and I would be managing all on my own. I got scared but I’m happy that I could do it.”