News|May 27, 2011 1:07 am

Anees Bazmee: I am not a director who goes by the Script

Recently there have been questions on Anees Bazmee’s creativity process, many people has stated that he works on the script of his films during the shooting, Anees has explenation why he does so,

Anees was asked, Doesn’t he ever feel that it would save him a lot of effort if he distributed a bound script to his actors way in advance? He said,

No, I don’t think so,” Bazmee says in an unabashed tone, “I am not a director who goes by what is written over the dotted line. A script is not a bible that cannot be changed. See, I have a reason behind it all. If I would have thought of a film say, a year back, there are chances that when I will bring it on floors, there would be newer ideas that may strike me. In a year’s span even I would have gone through some growth as an individual as well as a professional. So if I think something better can be done, I won’t hesitate tearing off something I have written earlier.

People around me know that I make films with lot of passion and honesty. They also know that main raat din sirf filmon ke baare mein hi sochta hoon and would never short-change anyone, This is the reason why you would never see tension of any kind on my sets. Even though I mostly make multi starrers, there is no animosity between anyone. Sab kuch pyaar mohabbat se ho jaata hai.