News|February 8, 2012 11:36 am

Amrit Maghera makes Bollywood Debut With ‘Someday’

There are very few people in Bollywood who do not have a family background in acting and are still able to make an entry in the showbiz world and shine with their talent. Amrit Maghera is one of those few stars without an acting background to start an acting career on her own. After modelling and ramp shows, Amrit will now make her debut in Bollywood with India’s first international dance movie ‘Someday’.

What she lacks in an acting background, she made up for it through acting classes. She is also well versed in Singing. The beautiful Indo-Brit lady has two professional degrees in Tap Dancing and Ballet, a professional degree in singing, correspondence degree in modelling and fashion from London and also a correspondence course of Formal acting from London.

It’s her beautiful looks, excellent control on dance and knowledge of acting and singing that has helped her become the face of successful brands like Satya Paul, Nokia, L’Oreal and others. It is now the real test time when she enters Bollywood with a very different and un-attempted movie called Someday.

Eagerly awaiting the summer release now! All eyes on you Amrit!