News|October 20, 2010 11:46 pm

Amitabh Performing his Action Stunts in Santoshi’s Power

He is 68-year-old actor but still he has dared to perform all of his stunts. Yes, I am talking about Bollywood megastar, Amitabh Bachchan, who has decided to perform all his stunts in Raj Kumar Santoshi’s film, Power.

The actor has also refused to take body double, who flew from Hollywood especially at a high cost… just in case. On the first day of shoot, director cleverly asked Amitabh that they will be using body double for all action scenes. Santoshi says,

And let’s see how far I can go. This is Amitji’s way of doing things. He keeps raising his own bar so quietly that outsiders don’t even realise it. In Khakee, where he had to do some dangerous stunts, we had a body-double on stand-by who remained just that: on standby.

This time, for Power we were pretty sure Amitji would agree with us on the danger posed by the stunts. But we under-estimated his willpower.”

“Amitji tricked us. He continued doing the stunt and went further than he was supposed to.”

Though Santoshi didn’t disclose the exact nature of the stunts but stressed that those stunts are exceptionally dangerous. Talking about his experiences working with Amitabh Bachchan, Raj says

“Contrary to belief, Power is my fourth film with Amitji. I’ve done Family, Khakee and before that Ghatak where he had a cameo. But I find him more agile and tireless now than before. He makes everyone on the set feel enthused.”