News|January 5, 2011 7:15 am

Amitabh Follows Prakash’s Steps

Not only his fans but also Bollywood celeb try to follow Amitabh’s style, but megastar is following Prakash Jhg’s look in his next flick. Apparently, the Bollywood star will follow his look in director’s own film, Aarakshan.

Amitabh is playing a character of professor, whose look would be exactly resembled with Prakash Jha’s look. Apparently, Prakash himself suggested this change in his look. Even Bachchan excitedly responded him,

“Okay, how would you like me t look?”

Before Jha could react, Big B’s said,

“I want my hair and beard to be styled exactly like yours for my professor’s role.”

A source says,

“At first Jha thought this was Big B’s wry humor and he requested him not to pull his leg. But Bachchan was serious and insisted a looks test be done immediately. Now, he will sport a look that is a replica of Jha’s.”

When contacted, Prakash Jha admitted that Bachchan will change his look for Aarakshan and added,

“Bachchan Saab has made it clear that he wants his hair and beard exactly like mine.

He thinks an academic should look like me. I’m flattered.”