News|June 6, 2012 1:21 pm

Amir seeks Jackie Shroff’s sons help

Dhoom 3 being produced under Yash Raj Banner is the next most awaited Bollywood movie and it features Amir Khan and Katrina Kaif in the leads.

In the movie Amir Khan plays the role of gym instructor and hence fit physique is very much essential for Mr. Perfectionist. Now according to recent reports the news is that Amir has asked Jackie Shroff’s rough and tough son Tiger to help him out in his workouts.

“Since Aamir plays a gym instructor in Dhoom 3, it isn’t just a great physique that he needs to work on. Aamir needed a particular kind of physique to look convincing as a physical trainer. He also needed to learn the art and technique of physical training in the gym. This is where Aamir without hesitation sought the help of Tiger.”

A source informs.

Tiger at first hesitated to train Aamir,

“Yes, he was kind enough to invite me for a workout with him. But what could I possibly offer Aamir Sir?”

Tiger also revealed,

“We did some functional and core-related workouts. They were basically exercises that engage and recruit your abdominal muscles.”