News|June 17, 2010 11:33 pm

Amir Khan to Join Twitter

Yes, The news is confirmed, Amir has also made his ID on twitter,

Amir will soon start tweeting, he mentioned it on his blog, here is what he has written on his blog,

Special dinner.

Met Jayaji and Amithji last night for dinner in London. He was suggesting that I join twitter. In fact he sent a tweet while we were sitting together and showed me how it works. You how what a phobia I have of gadgets and technology. But I must say he was most patient with me and most persuasive. I guess when I get back I will look at it.

The food was most amazing but more than that the conversation. He was joking that we live in the same city but need to come to London to have a meal together! Such wonderful minds both Jayaji and Amithji are.

Amir has not yet even started tweeting and he has got 20,708 fans following him already, imagine when everyone will know, how many followers he will have …

Now without wasting much time, let me give Amir Khans twitter id so that you can follow him and know him.

Amir Khan – amir_khan