News|May 4, 2012 12:13 pm

Amir and Priyadarshan working on their next project based on AIDS awareness

Superstar, Perfectionist Amir Khan has joined hands with Priyadarshan to act in his next project on AIDS.

“The project on AIDS is on, but the script is not yet ready… I was busy with too many schedules and things to do so couldn’t finish the script. I had discussed it with Amir earlier and that time he wanted to do the film,”

the director told.

At present Priyadarshan is working on his current project i.e. Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal and he will start working on his new project after the completion of KDM.

“I will complete the script first and approach him (Amir) again. If he has time he will do it,”

the National Award winning director said.

He also says that the film will be devoid of songs, comedy and commercial trappings.

Movies based on AIDS awareness are already tried by bollywood directors for ex: Phir Milenge(2004) by Revathi, My brother Nikhil(2005) by Onir. Both the movies failed to gain audience admiration but gained critical acclaimation.