News|September 14, 2011 2:15 pm

Am surprising Akshay Kumar with Joker – Shirish Kunder.

The shoot for Shirish Kunder’s JOKER is on, but work on film’s VFX is in full swing while editing is also taking place simultaneously.It is amazing as to how Akshay Kumar is reacting to working in a film like this where currently it is pretty much a green field project where ultimately VFX and special effects would decide the eventual look and feel of a scene. Hasn’t it ever led to any doubts in his mind since this is his first ever experience of working in such a setup?

You are forgetting that we had worked together in JAAN-E-MANN as well and there in the opening sequence itself Akshay found himself in a space craft which was all courtesy VFX. Even otherwise Akshay isn’t someone who asks too many questions

Yes, in general though there have been a few instances where my actors have been a little perplexed on seeing the kind of sets I have put together. Like a leading lady may be expecting some dhinchaak song-n-dance set but end up seeing something entirely different in a film of mine

Even Akshay has been taken by surprise a couple of times on realizing the kind of setting I have put together for a particular scene. But then as I said, he never complains and always goes by his director’s vision.