News|August 26, 2011 12:29 pm

All is well with Sonam kapoor

Some peace is finally entering Sonam kapoor’s life. After being low for a while and avoiding any uncalled all controversies in her way, the actor was said to have secretly appreciated Ranbir recently. Now it seems that the she wants no ill will with her costars and wants to maintain a clean image.. One such co-star is Shahid Kapoor with whom she just stayed on to be friends all hrough the making of ‘Mausam’.

Though she didn’t have any personal problems with Shahid, there were constant reports of how she felt mistreated on the sets of his ‘Mausam’,” informs an industry source, “Since the film was being directed by Shahid’s dad Pankaj Kapoor, she expected to be well taken care of. However various production hassles meant that it wasn’t really a peaceful outing for Sonam in the ever extended shooting schedule of the film.

See, every film faces some or the other production hassles and there were a few hiccups in the making of ‘Mausam’ as well. However they were not as bad as they sounded,” sighs Sonam who is now getting readied for the release of this romantic musical followed by action thriller ‘Players’.

However, there were reports claimed that all news about sonam the entire year was negative.There were stories as to how the actor is ill treated and had to wait for hours on the sets before a call for her next shot.

I guess media also had a role to play in adding things on their own. The exaggerated reports didn’t help the cause either,” defends Sonam, “Trust me, there was never and there isn’t any problem between me and Pankaj Sir as well as Shahid Kapoor. We are absolutely cool with each other.