News|March 1, 2012 3:05 pm

Ali zafar paints co star Aditi Rao Hyder

While Pakistani actor Ali Zafar is busy promoting his upcoming movie ‘London Paris New York’, in betwen his busy schedule Ali took out some time to paint his co star of the film Aditi Rao Hydari.

Aditi wore a white satin outfit and posed before Ali, while we saw Ali arranging hsi paints and brush and all set to paint his co star. Suprisingly, Ali finsihed doing the potrait in two hours time. When Aditi saw the final potrait,she screamed out and complimented Ali for making her look so beautiful in the painting.

When we asked Ali why did he choose to paint Aditi, so he reveals to us,

Yes, its been long time I haven’t picked up my paint and brushes. So finally, I made up my mind that I would paint something different. It was always my dream to paint beauties of the Bollywood industry and finally I started with Aditi.Aditi was very excited and thrilled when she saw he final painting. She loved it and complimented me.

Does he plan to exhibit his paintings? and Ali replies,

Why not, its always interesting and challenging to do something different.