News|August 12, 2011 1:38 am

Akshay wishes British violence to stop

Akshay Kumar who just returned from London after wrapping up the shooting of the sequel of Housefull named Housefull 2, feels misled youth are responsible for the mayhem.

Akshay Said on twitter,

England is now being destroyed by its very own misled youths. The circumstance for which these horrific riots came about is very sad, but this is no way to handle vengeance,

I really hope everyone back in England keep themselves as well as their families safe. Stay low for a while or if u want fight back, but safely, it is your prerogative after all,

I understand why people are angry but in this day and age how do humans still react the same way cave men once did.

Good old England, the very country so many rely on, is being battered by its own angered youngsters who have threatened & abused the very city that has taken care of them!