News|May 27, 2011 6:33 pm

Akshay Will Walk on Ramp Again


If everyone is not forgetting, the incident where Akshay asked wife Twinkle to open his jeans button when he walked on ramp, this let to controversies and the couple had to see a case filed against them for vulgarity,

After that just because Salman requested, Akshay walked on ramp for Being Human, otherwise Akshay has said no to any shows offer,

This time also the brand owners had tough time to convince Akshay to walk on ramp for them, and finally Akshay has said yes, its a vest brand he has endorsee. For this Akshay has come with an idea of wearing a TShirt that says ‘No Controversies Please’.

Source Said,

The company had a very tough time convincing Akki to walk the ramp again. Last time, when he walked at a fashion show, he and Twinkle were booked and arrested for obscenity.

Later on, he was heard telling his friends that anybody could get up and do anything even if he did something funny with one’s own wife!

After that incident, a wary AK refused to walk the ramp for any shows. He only walked for Being Human once because Salman Khan requested him to.

For today’s event, he will be wearing a specially made T-shirt with ‘No Controversies Please’ printed on it in bold letters. It was his idea to wear such a tee. And no, Twinkle won’t attend the event.