News|April 2, 2010 4:09 pm

Akshay Loved collecting Actors Posters

Recently Akshay Kumar’s revealed that since long back he has been collecting the posters of  old Bollywood film and veteran stars’ posters,, Hmm.. now this is something new that no body knews about him.

Akshay had to get it out because his upcoming movie Action Replayy’s needed some posters of bollywood actors and starts, but the director Vipul Shah couldn’t fine the right posters he wanted…Akshay is playing a role of the owner of a coffee house which is supposed to be made on the theme of bollywood, and for that reason the posters were a must.

Akshay has a huge collections of  great photos which everyone will get to see in the fillum, Akshay was hesitant to give his posters, but when Vipul assured him of taking care himself and made sure that he will return the posters as the movie is  done, then Akshay took Vipul at his home and showed the collection of posters, Vipul then selected those he wanted.
Vipul Shah was surprised seeing the collection with Akshay as he did not know that he has such hobby and has such great collection also Akshay accepted it saying,

“Yes, it’s true that I have lent some posters to Vipul because for the longest time, they couldn’t source original ones.”