News|May 7, 2010 12:53 am

Akshay Kumar Recommends Water Therapy to King Khan

Though Khiladi, Akhay Kumar and King Khan, Shahrukh do not share on-screen relation but they are sharing off-screen health tips between each-other. After undergone with surgery last month, Akshay is bit concerned about Shahrukh, who has also undergone back and shoulder surgery and is bravely doing tough stunts in Ra.1 without fearing a relapse.

Akshay went for water therapy for his back trouble, and currently is not ready to do an action film, and also feels that Shajrukh needs to take more care and caution before plunging into action scenes. Akshay says,

” I am not ready for an action film. I’d like to wait a while before doing stunts again although I’ve been given a green signal to do so.”

The actor has strongly also recommended hydrotherapy to Shah Rukh and King Khan also accepted his prescription. Akshay also admits

“Every time I meet him, we talk about his back pain and the remedies. I have discussed water treatment with him at length. I think he took my advice seriously.  The action star has several dos and don’ts to avoid lingering injury to the back. “Actors tend to get into heavy-duty action scenes without a warm-up. Big mistake!”

Akshay also mentioned to avoid air-conditioner after coming from gym/or any action scene. He says,

“Just relax in normal temperature. And after returning home, soak you for at least half an hour in a bathtub filled with ice. Not warm water, please.”

Shahrukh also cheerfully admitted Akshay’s fitness tips and implemented at his home, Mannat.