News|February 29, 2012 10:54 am

Akshay Kumar not happy with Shirish Kunder’s ‘Joker’!

The actor Akshay Kumar is not so pleased with his upcoming film Joker. It’s learnt that he is very disappointed with the way Joker has shaped up and is apparently miffed with the director Shirish Kunder.

Joker is clearly the much-awaited film of 2012 with an ensemble star cast and colourful setting. The movie is also being made in 3D and is touted as a great entertaining film. But the latest buzz that has taken the industry by shock is that Akshay Kumar didn’t like the film after watching its rough cut.

As per sources, Akshay was livid after watching the film and even rebuked the director. The actor was so fairly disappointed with the outcome of the film that he began to think of a way out. Moreover, Akshay doesn’t want to tarnish his image further as his last few solo releases were big flops, and Joker is also his solo-lead film.

Thus Akshay Kumar was apparently quite upset with Shirish Kunder. But later, after discussing the matter, the actor and the director called it truce, and it was decided that Joker will release after Rowdy Rathore. As per the actor, RR looks promising and also he has a lot of confidence in Prabhu Deva’s direction. With this decision, it’s apparent that Khiladi Kumar doesn’t want Joker’s poor show at the box office to affect Rowdy Rathore, which stars Sonakshi Sinha in lead.

Joker is about a town full of crazy-minded people, who all have escaped from a mental hospital but there is also an alien (not a Jadoo, perhaps) who puts the town under the scanner. According to Shirish, it is an underdog story about how simple folks can make it big in life and, in the process, get help from aliens from a fictional planet. Aliens and insane town people sound too lame to be the formula of a superhit film. What do you say?

Joker is releasing on August 31, while Rowdy Rathore will hit the theatres in June.