News|December 21, 2010 9:14 am

Akshay Kumar Not Doing Deepa’s Indo-Canadian Film

Everybody in Bollywood have talking about that Akshay Kumar has been approached by Deepa Mehta to work in her next film ‘Komagata Maru’, a film based on a ship called ‘Komgata Maru’ that sailed from India to Vancouver with passengers awaiting a new life in the Land of Promise.

Initially, Deepa first approached Amitabh Bachchan to play the lead in this movie which is an Indo-Canadian venture. But Amitabh refused it stating that all actors will be from Canada to do Canadian films. Apparently, Akshay is the brand ambassador of Canadian tourism and might be he can not only do the film but also co-produce it.

However, Akshay Kumar denied the news and said,

“I haven’t been offered the movie at all, so how can I be a part of it!” Now, there is definitely some confusion here. We guess not all has gone well on the negotiation front. Either that, or then Akki has genuinely not been offered a part in this epic drama. It does look like Mehta’s ‘Komagata Maru’ is going to take a while to sail off into the mighty ocean!