News|September 14, 2011 3:52 pm

Akshay kumar donates 2 crore to ice Hockey Association of india

Akshay Kumar seems to have shifted his loyalties from martial arts to ice hockey, at least for the moment, the reason exactly why he is often called Khiladi Kumar.

The actor has decided to donate Rs 2 crore to the Ice Hockey Association Of India (IHAOI) in an attempt to promote the sport in the country.
In fact, it was a collective decision made by Akshay and the makers of his next production Speedy Singhs, which revolves around ice hockey.

When the film was being made, Akshay’s interest towards the sport really went up. Also, whenever he stayed in Canada, this used to be one of his favourite pastimes.

He wondered why such few people in India knew or even participated in such an interesting sport.”

Perhaps this explains why the actor has now planned to do everything in his power to help promote the sport here.

Not many know that the IHAOI in New Delhi is the national body coordinating ice hockey in India under the supervision of the International Ice Hockey Federation.

Adds a member of IHAOI, “International coaches and Indian players settled in the US and Canada have been helping Indian teams to get equipment and other aid.

So if anyone has stepped up to help the sport, he/she is more than welcome.”

This is not the first time the actor has extended his support to a sport. The actor, who has been associated with martial arts for many years, invested the same amount for an annual karate tournament earlier this year.