News|April 21, 2010 10:16 pm

Akshay Kumar Doing Salsa Steps with Village Women

Akshay Kumar is the only actor in the actor who does not hesitate in connecting with common people either they are high-profiled businesses, industrialist or simple village folk. In a recent photoshoot for Filmfare magazine for Tees Maar Khan, when Akshay saw some village women working nearby, he decided to include them in his photo shoot.

But, it not so easy for Akshay to convince to those simple and shy locals of Malshej Ghat, but Akshay boosted their enthusiasm about the whole thing, even they matched some Salsa steps with the actor. As per sources,

“It was an early morning shoot at Malshej Ghat and Akshay seemed quite satisfied with the concept. He was discussing some inputs when he spotted some village woman cutting grass nearby. He suddenly walked up to them and started talking to them in chaste Marathi – he’s very fluent in the language. In no time, the initially flustered women were lining up to shoot with him. Akshay’s almost instantaneous camaraderie with them was to be seen to be believed.”

Confirming his part of the story, Akshay said,

“It was great fun. Those village women were very supportive after I spoke to them in Marathi.”