News|March 12, 2011 4:51 pm

Akshay, Katrina Again paired in Namastey London2

Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif are once again taking lead pair in a sequel of Vipul Shah’s Namastey London. The filmmaker is ready with its script, co-written by Suresh Nair.

The actor and the director are keeping the making of sequel secret from Katrina Kaif. Vipul says,

“Doing sequels are not my cup of tea but they seem to be a trend now. More than me Akshay was keen to do a sequel to Namastey London. He felt the story had the potential to be carried forward. I couldn’t disagree with him beyond a point.”

In-fact Katrina, who pushed Vipul to make a sequel of the film, would be surprised that sequel is on floor. The filmmaker says,

“Would you believe it, I still haven’t told her about the sequel to Namastey London? She has been urging me to do the sequel for the longest time.

When she hears that we’ve been secretly working on the script for the past three months, she will come down to my house and kill me. Please don’t tell. I want to surprise her.”

The film was a turning-point in Katz’s career and added another feather in Akki’s cap which was, at that time, brimming with hits.

The sequel will carry forward the story of Arjun (Akshay Kumar) and Jazz (Katrina Kaif) into a marriage of inconvenience which results in a stormy drama. To be shot in London, the film still has three to four months before it goes on floor. Vipul says,

“I’m about to wrap up my production Force and I need to get back to direction. Akshay is a very busy star. We’re working out his dates.

The fact that he is more eager about Namastey London than me will certainly get the sequel on the road faster than we expect.”