News|May 2, 2011 11:13 pm

Akshay gets stung by a scorpion

On the set of Khatro n Ke Khiladi 4, at South Africa continued shooting despite suffering bites from a scorpion

Sources said,

Akshay sustained scorpion stings on his left index finger and the dorsum of his left hand. The bite caused swelling and extreme pain and an anti-venom lotion was applied four times. Ice was applied every four hours for about 10 minutes. Another ointment was applied after that and he was monitored the whole day. Though he was in extreme pain, he took it in his stride and continued shooting.

For all the seasons he has hosted earlier, AK always tests out the show’s stunts before the contestants take them on. He is a bit of a daredevil who likes to perform all his action stunts in films himself. In the KKK series he handles all kinds of insects, bugs and creepy-crawlies before the contestants do.

Unit wanted to take a break, but the Action Master Akshay insisted on continuing shooting.

Source said,

This year he’s very excited about KKK4 as some highly challenging stunts are being carried out.

Akshay also commented,

Filming in Cape Town, only moments ago I was bitten by a scorpion, Sunbathing with my new friend, the Scorpion King, Can you see the size of these things, What a pleasure, but what a sting 🙂