News|August 9, 2011 4:34 pm

Akshay Gets Friendship Gift ‘Std 5th Photo’ from old Friend

In an event, one of Akshay’s friend turned up to meet him, who is old school friend, We can say Akshay got a Friendship Day gift, The old pal of Akshay gifted him the class 5th Photo, which is priceless for Akshay,

He said,

There is nothing as wonderful as bumping into an old friend. Recently, a school friend dropped by at an event to meet me & gifted me our class photograph. It’s great to meet people from my childhood… they create a feeling of nostalgia… those moments are simply priceless :).

On fans request akshay shared the photo on twitter saying,

Since so many of u requested 2 c d photo my school friend gifted me, here I am sharing it with u’ll.

Aksha also quized the fans to find which one is himself in the photo, but after somany replies and wrong answers, Akshay broke the suspence and showed his photo with a circle,
Akshay said,

I think it’s time to end the suspense now coz if I were to go by ur guesses, every boy in the pic would be me :D.

For those who wants to see the photos, here it is,