News|January 18, 2010 10:25 pm

Akshay cans shoot

Akshay Kumar and talks about his super-professionalism are not new, he has been adored by all the directors and production houses that he has worked with, till date, and it comes as a surprise when recently he cancelled a shoot – but wait a second – so that no external producer bears the brunt, the shoot in questiuon, which he cancelled was his own production!

Actually what had happened was that Akshay had hurt his back while performing stunts, and his back was in terrible pain. Akshay Kumar didn’t think twice about wrapping up work at Mehboob Studios ( Mumbai), where he was canning sequences for his ‘Patiala House’. Apparently, Akshay had been shooting non stop for Nikhil Advani, despite his aching back. Confirming the same news, Nikhil Advani said,” Akshay hurt his back while shooting. His back got strained earlier in the day during his exercise, but his pain aggravated after the shoot.”

Also, this Sunday, at the Mumbai Marathon, Akshay Kumar was seen even cheering for the participants of the race. As good a citizen as can get, right junta?