News|November 9, 2011 12:16 pm

Akshay Calls himself a Desi Boy

Since Desi Boyz is releasing Akshay Kumar has made himself a complete Desi, somuch so that every news related to him has Desi word in it,

Well Akshay Kumar says he is a complete Desi Boy who prefer to speak in Hindi, eat Paratha at home and made a Hindi commercial film,he said,

I want to produce commercial films. But if I get a good script, I would love to make a National Award-winning movie,

Oh he also wants that calling himself Desi and speaking in Hindi should not be taken as publicity gimic for Desi Boyz, haha he really wants audience to believe him,

Well, In an interview, Akshay said,

I have always tried to speak in Hindi. It is because in real life I am a real ‘desi’ boy. All my life I have believed that the day should start with touching the feet of my parents, that home cooked food is always better than outside food. I have always preferred ghar ka parantha to anything from outside,

Even if we go out for a movie, I prefer to watch Hindi films over English. So it was there in me, always. I am very grounded that way,

Akshay and John are coming back together after ‘Garam Masala’ after six years,

We are coming back together on the big screen after six long years. We were not offered any movies together during that period. While shooting for this film, we had much more fun than we had in ‘Garam Masala’. So, we were wondering why no one ever thought of casting us together all these years,

We have become quite good friends now. And, trust me, John has improved a lot since then, especially his comedy timings. The way he has improved his muscles, his comedy timing has also improved,

I had a lot of fun while doing this movie. First of all I haven’t played this kind of character ever. When the role was narrated to me, I knew this was something I wanted to do. And, secondly, its director Rohit Dhawan told me the film is based on the real-life incident of two people who had to take extreme paths to survive during recession,

I will always do a film I believe in, I can connect to and my fans can relate to it as well. So even if ‘Patiala House’ didn’t do well commercially, it was critically acclaimed. I was close to the film because it dealt with the emotional bond between a father and a son.