News|November 29, 2011 8:31 pm

Ajun Rampal Celebrates his and his Characters birthday together

On the set of ‘Heroine’ 26 November 2011, Ajun Rampal who is one of the stars in the film had to give a shot where he is celebrating his birthday and cuts the cake,

Incidently the shoot started on the day when it was Arjun’s real birthday, so it was double treat for everyone, Arjun turned 39 is not sure if director Madhur Bhandarkar planned it,

According to the sources,

Arjun plays an on the rise actor who latches on to the top actress of the day. The birthday sequence that Bhandarkar shot for Arjun’s character fell on Arjun’s birthday.

Arjun said,

I don’t know if Madhur planned it that way. But we ended up shooting my character’s birthday cake-cutting scene on my birthday on Saturday. Normally, you’ve a star cutting a cake on his birthday on the sets. But doing it on camera in character is, I think slightly unusual,

When asked to talk about the Lead lady Kareena Kapoor, he couldnt stop praising her, Arjun said,
She looked stunning at the shooting,

Apart from the professional birthday, Personally Arjun celebrated his birthday with family and close friends, he said
Nothing major. Just a small get-together for close friends. The past year has been pretty eventful. I hope the coming year too remains the same way,

Arjun is currently doing a Show on TV where he brings a Hater of any actor director, nay celebrity and to express oneself how he/she hates that celebrity, Arjun said,

I am sure they all would agree to come on my show. I recorded an episode with Farah Khan and Farhan Akhtar recently. By the end of the show, their supposed haters ended up loving their objects of proclaimed detestation,

I want to invite cricketers, politicians and celebrities from every walk of life. When I wrap up my season of the show, I want to feel I’ve done something beyond just an ordinary chat show.