News|November 30, 2010 12:37 am

Ajay Devgan Endorses Three Brands

Ajay Devgan is not only bit choosy in respect of choosing films but also endorsing brands. The actor, who has been into lime light because of giving the maximum number of hits in the span of year, has become one of the favorite actors of leading brands.

After success of Golmaal 3, the actor has been flooded with endorsement offers. Out of which, Ajay has selected an automobile brand, a textiles brand and a mobile company to endorse. A source says,

“Yes, Ajay is currently in the process of inking two mass brands and one high-end luxury brand one of which will be launched soon in December.”

In the past year, Devgn has enjoyed the most commercial success among all B-Town actors. Over the years, his roles have all been performance-based and he has won the National Award twice.

While he has always had a very strong connect with the masses after Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai, he’s also a favourite of the classes now.

In recent years, brands have realised that Ajay has great credibility, given that his films have consistently fared well at the box office.”

“Devgn is dependable, reliable and consistent. He keeps his family and professional life separate. He has always kept his core values intact. He is known as a family man.

Due to all these factors, multinational brands have shown a keen interest in getting him on board to endorse their products.”

“He prefers to let his work speak for himself. Ajay is very choosy about the kind of films and brands he endorses and is associated with.

For something he endorses the brand fit and the creatives have to be correct. He always looks at the creative process very carefully before he takes a call.”

Jaiveer Panwar, CEO of Culture Company, the company that handles Ajay’s endorsements says,

“We are in talks. Today because of his brand equity, Ajay is in huge demand with prime brands and commands a certain premium in the market because of his success.”

Well, it’s obvious that Ajay must be enjoying its success time at a peak of his career!