News|December 23, 2009 12:15 pm

Aish meets ex!


The beautiful dame Aishwaray Rai has more often than not, been in the news for her love-life. Her exes include Salman Khan and Vivek Oberoi. Now after getting hitched to Abhishek Bachhan, she has been trying hard not to be embroiled in anything related to her past. But it is not too easy, afterall.

After bumping into Salman Khan on December 17th, Aishwarya faced another awkward moment when she was made to sit next To Vivek Oberoi at the Mumbai police event, ‘Jashn 2010– Dhamaka Bollywood Ka’, at the Andheri Sports Complex on Saturday.

When Vivek learnt about this goof-up when he checked out the seating arrangement outside the Auditorium, he wwas really nervous, and in fact refused to enter the venue itself,. However the organisers somehow managed to pacify him. Infact, there was place for one person to sit between them, and Asin occupied the seat, however when she left for her performance the awkwardness was way too much for everyone around. After this, Manish Malhotra came in and sat between Vivek and Aishwarya to ease the tension. After a while, Vivek guessed there was trouble and got up and left.

Well, the past does comes back to haunt at times, doesnt it?