News|April 7, 2010 4:43 pm

Aish loves sweets

Aishwarya rai looks and her friends says she is a sweet and a warm person, even when she speaks, she is very soft, this shows how nice she is in nature, still when she is called fake, its so obvious that no one will like it. on such statements Aishwarya has some thing to say,

“I hate it when I’m called fake, because I’m anything but that!, I think of myself as a warm and genuine person.”

Even her close friend Neeta Lulla said, “She’s a really sweet person to deal with.”

Apart from being sweet in nature, Aishwarya also has sweet tooth, we have heard that she loves sweets and at the shoots her trailer is always full of sweets and chocolates, not just at the shoots, at her home too her refrigerator is stocked with pastries and sweets, She need to eat something in sweet everyday.

No wonder why she is so sweet.